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The Admiral Byrd Scholarship Trust


The Admiral Byrd Scholarship Trust was established with surplus funds remaining following the completion of the Byrd Memorial on Mount Victoria, Wellington. The iconic memorial, which is now a prime tourist attraction in Wellington, was dedicated in 1962 and refurbished in 1993.

The Trust is able to provide support through its grants programme towards activities which build on and extend Admiral Byrd’s pioneering Antarctic research. Grants are available to approved applicants for activities including research and study relating to Antarctica.


To Apply, Grant Criteria, and AGM


Grant applications close on last day of January, April, July and October each year. 

Trustees will meet at the end of the months of February, May, August and November each year to consider grant applications.

If no grant applications are received prior to the scheduled meeting, then no meeting of Trustees will be held.

The Trusts will hold an Annual General Meeting each year that coincides with one of the grant application meeting dates. 


Grant Applications must:


  • Be in writing on the form provided (refer to following links).

  • Provide full details of proposed study and travel programme.

  • Provide a budget listing the costs of the proposed study along with details of how it will be funded.

  • Include a recent CV.

  • Include at least one referee.

  • Be from a New Zealand Citizen or permanent resident.


All recipients of grants must provide a brief written report, if required as a condition of the grant, outlining the activities, including research study, completed.


Applicants must be prepared to be interviewed by Trustees, if requested, in support of their application.


Trustees will:


  • Consider each application in accordance with the objectives of the Trust.

  • Address the merits of each application and how it compares with the objectives of the Trust.

  • Inform the applicants of their decision(s) in writing within seven days of the meeting.


Grants are subject to the availability of funds, and each individual grant awarded will be limited to an amount not exceeding five thousand dollars ($5,000).

Trustees may decide to make a grant contribution of a lesser amount than sought.

Twenty per cent (20%) of the amount of each grant approved will be withheld pending receipt of a satisfactory written report after the completion of the course of study or other grant activity.


No correspondence will be entered into following the decision by the Trustees.









Mail to: Trust Application, PO Box 2957, Wellington 6140, New Zealand


Application Form:  Admiral Byrd Scholarship Trust

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