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The New Zealand American Association & Fulbright New Zealand

combined to host Jon Johansson's presentation at the AGM of the NZAA

on Wednesday, 30th AUGUST.



NZ-US Leadership Across Political Time

Senior lecturer in Comparative Politics at Victoria University, Fulbrighter Jon Johansson,  took us on a tour de force of US/NZ Leadership, while demonstrating - with appropriate anecdotes - the five US presidents (Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, FDR & Reagan), and four NZ premiers/prime ministers (Vogel, Seddon, Savage & Lange) who presided over big change, major crises, and/or pivot points in their respective histories. What emerged was a clear set of dimensions that comprise political leadership, with lessons learned. 














This presentation followed on from a very well attended AGM of the New Zealand American Association (Inc.).

We would like to thank Fulbright New Zealand for the use of their seminar room.


 Please note: Many of the images shown are provided courtesy U.S. State Dept.  

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